The FotZ Webpage has moved to Tripod...

Update - 8/26/00 - Stuff happens, and the FotZ page moves...see above...

Update - 7/29/00 - All apologies for lack of updates, its been a busy summer. FotZ has two new members, Where's Waldo, and Atrocity (the artist formerly known as PresHGSI). look aroudn the page, yay

This is the page of the possibly up and coming company of FotZ.

Run around to everywhere that isn't anywhere

Members of FotZ - Look and see who's in the fellowship
How to Join FotZ - Interested in joining? Look here.
History - The complete histroy of FotZ (abridged)
FotZ's Games - Games that have been made by the fellowship
Other games - Stuff released by members of FotZ
Projects - See what we are working on
Communicate - a place for members to discuss stuff
Links - Links to other (better) zzt websites

If you wish to send mail to the company, do it here.

(feel free to steal any of the various animated giffs on my page because they are worth sharing. However, the works of members of the company are their own, and you may not steal from them without their permission. Have a nice day)

And now, the grand finale.